Reinvent Yourself To Get Everything In Life YOU Want

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They say that anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur should reinvent themselves at least once. Because most of the time, we’re standing in our own way of success.

Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you.

You’ve been thinking about success, dreaming about it, working hard for years now. You’ve done vision boards, positive affirmations, and daily mantras trying to convince yourself that you’re one step away.

You’ve been one step away for too long. Why is that?

While you may be thinking that you’re convincing the world that you’re capable of being successful, you’re actually just trying to convince yourself.

And you’re not buying it.

You may see trickles of hope come in increments and you repeat, “Slow progress is better than no progress.”

Does this sound familiar at all?

These are all symptoms of self-doubt.

They prove that you’re more interested in playing it safe than taking what is rightfully yours.

You’re looking for answers in all the wrong places, from all the wrong people.

It’s time for a change.

You must become the kind of person who can reach lofty goals.

Be committed to embodying that individual.

Then, stop thinking like you and start thinking like that other person.

Create someone, if you must.

When I first reinvented myself, it was something like an“alter-ego.”

I’ll always be grateful to her because she did everything I couldn’t. She was fearless, where normally I would hesitate. She was outgoing. She had her own style. Her own way of doing things.

Most importantly, she started my first business – with less than $100 and the gift of gab.

She saved my life.

I encourage you to find your inner Boss Chick.

Reinventing yourself completely removes the term, “I” from your vocabulary.

Now, you can change the narrative. It’s not a question of what you can or can’t do. No more mantras and giving yourself a hard time. No more disappointment because you fell off…again.

If you won’t get it together, then become someone who will.

If your business has been stagnant for three years, then become the person you would look for to get it back off the ground.

If you can’t exercise enough discipline to save money, then create someone who can.

A new identity doesn’t have to be permanent.

Sometimes, it’s just to get you past the hump.

Becoming a new person will remind you that you can still surprise yourself. You’ll see your business with fresh eyes and new opportunities will begin to appear all around you.

You’ll start attracting the right people.


When reinventing yourself, the goal isn’t to alienate your friends.

You just make new, different friends. Friends with the same mindset as you.

Your new friends understand your struggle, motivate you, help you, provide you with resources, support you, and understand the importance of small wins.

As a matter of fact, they celebrate those wins with you.

I’m not saying your current friends are bad friends.
I’m saying that right now, you simply need
different friends who do different things.

The kinds of friends your new persona would surround themselves with.

To make these kinds of friends there are a few things you have to change:

  • Where you shop
  • Where you spend your downtime
  • The kinds of events you attend


These are small changes that will make a huge difference in the company you keep. It’s liberating to change paces, explore new territory, to strike up different conversations with different kinds of people.


I get it. I get it. Your style defines you. You’ve spent years figuring out what you like and you’re comfortable with it.

Sorry to break it to you, but reinventing yourself is all about stepping out of your comfort zone. That includes wearing clothes you never thought you’d like.

A wardrobe change doesn’t mean going all out and spending your savings on new threads. Please, don’t do that.

Take baby steps. Change the way you wear the clothes you already own. Buy statement pieces here and there that can change your entire outfit.

Start accessorizing differently.

Wardrobe changes can even be reflected in the way you take pictures. Stop using your “go-to” pose, and try different ways of capturing yourself. If you normally take closeups, take pictures from further away. Ask strangers on the street to take photos of you. If you usually take pictures with a face full of makeup, start accentuating your natural beauty and vice versa.

Although I said you’re changing your wardrobe, I’m really telling you to change the visual representation of yourself. Hire a photographer and take photos that showcase your new look.

Little by little, you’re reintroducing yourself to the world. Every time I became someone new, I found ways for new styles to emphasize the change.

I walked into a store and went straight for what the “new me” would like. Inside I cringed a little, but on the outside, I was confident in my choices. I knew what I wanted, and this mindset flooded into my business.


Maybe you’re not a morning person (Like ME) You hate the sun. If you could, you’d spend the better half of the day curled up in a dark room with a heavy comforter. But… the NEW you wouldn’t dare.

Becoming a different person also includes changing what you do, when you do it, and how you do it.

It’s time to take control of your day and make every single moment count.

Planning your day goes beyond a to-do list. It’s more than filling in blocks of your time or scheduling in meetings.

• Be accountable for your time
• Schedule your down time
• Schedule time for family

Wake up as early as possible. Commit to getting a full night’s rest (This has been the hardest for me) Success comes from working smarter, not harder. You no longer need to go to sleep at 3 am every night because your business demands it.

You hold all the power in this situation.

Often times, our hobbies become our business. But, then the things we love to do turns into *sigh* WORK.

Our life becomes work and more work. It’s time to fill that void again.

Find new things to fall in love with.

Learn something new.

Take on a hobby that challenges you.

Coincidentally, reinventing myself is also what turned me into a multipreneur.

I racked up new skills, formed new interests and even opened my new jewelry business. I founded the Boss Chick Tribe,

I repeated this every time I reinvented myself and became addicted to the process.

I was never afraid to venture into new territory or go up against people who’d been doing it for years.

Because, I took on a persona that could handle that kind of pressure.

You can start with:
• Attending local meetups
• Taking a class
• Watching YouTube videos
• Reading books on a new skill

You’ll find that your life is far more enjoyable.

You’re doing what you love in business, and you’re learning to love something else in your spare time.

I think that’s called a win-win.


My little alter-ego crisis birthed something wonderful… a way to get everything I wanted.

A new, thrilling way to transform and design a life I love. With each new persona, I tested my own limits, I set bigger goals, I indulged different desires.

I stopped looking to other people to tell me how to live.

Reinventing yourself makes you aware of the sheer power of the mind.

Not only can you create a business from nothing, but you can become anyone you want, do anything you want.


If you want a real life example, look at Drake. He went from the wheelchair actor from the suburbs to a rapper with a hood mentality. He spent all of his life writing songs in his grandma’s basement, with dreams of success.

It wasn’t until he shed his old skin that he had the courage to take risks, approach people he wouldn’t have before. This new man was confident, he was sure of himself, and determined beyond belief.
He went to work, designing a life he wanted.

And guess what, he’s not any different from you!

So it’s time to get real with yourself..

What you’re doing isn’t working, what’s the harm in trying something new? What reason do you have for not going all in?

You may even discover parts of yourself you didn’t know were there.

Remember, it’s not your circumstance that holds you back… it’s YOU.

And you have the power to change that.

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