The Power of Feelings – The Law of Attraction

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 The Law of Attraction + Feelings 

In this series on “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne, I’ve been breaking down the logistics of the law of attractio. Implementing this “new way of thinking” changed my life for the better. I want to share this knowledge with you all  so you too can live a more enlightened life.

In my last article, I explained what the Law Of Attraction is. Check it out here

In this article I want to explain how feelings play a huge part in manifesting your dreams and making them a reality.

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? You know what I’m talking about, right?

Say you wake up late, you spill your coffee all over the counter, you realize that you didn’t get your notes for your important meeting set up the night before.

You may think to yourself..

“Oh my goodness nothing ever seems to go right!” Or “I can’t do anything right!” Or “This always happens to me!” Or “of course, I should’ve known today wasn’t going to be a good day!”

-In that very moment, you are in a negative state and by being in that negative state you will surely attract more negative things into your environment. Your negative state will attract what you don’t want. It is the Law of Attraction.


So you get into your car and there’s a traffic jam, you’re late. You get to work and your coworkers are in a mood, and you get written up by your boss because you forgot your notes…

Does this sound familiar?? I know it does!! I have dealt with this type of situation time and time again… the good news is that it doesn’t have to happen again!

Now let’s start our day from the top again.

Say you still woke up late, you still spilled your coffee, and you still didn’t write your notes…


Instead of thinking negative thoughts you decide to think positive thoughts.

Things like “whoopsie, gotta get this cleaned up and make a new cup of coffee so I can enjoy my morning” Or “that’s ok, today is going to be a great day!” Or “I choose to be happy in any situation that comes my way!”

When you change the way you FEEL about a certain situation you take all of its power away and you give yourself all that power. You literally changed your negative state to a positive state.  You’ve made a complete shift in the law of attraction…


So now you’re off to work. Traffic is a breeze (or at least you think so) You get to work, you’re still in a positive state.

The office had coffee brought in, one of your  coworkers already had the notes you’ll need for your meeting, and your boss gave you a raise!

The law of attraction works exactly this way.

You will always have the power to choose your feelings toward any situation.

Now every day life will not always be this black and white, or this extravagant… It’ll be very subtle sometimes, and even if the reward you get is just being in a good mood, it’s worth keeping your feelings in check.

Imagine your thoughts and words are like a rocket ship, and your feelings are the fuel. The rocket ship doesn’t move without the fuel, because the fuel is the power of the rocket ship. Same goes for your thoughts and words. Your thoughts and words can’t do anything without your feelings, because your feelings are the power behind them.

The better you feel, the better life gets. The worse you feel, the worst life gets – until you change how you feel.

A misconception, that most of us have, is that we must change our circumstances in order to feel good. We believe that if our situations are not ideal, it means that we cannot be happy. Which is the furthest thing from the truth.

We mustn’t struggle to change the circumstances of our lives. Instead, we must focus on how we feel about them.

When we give out positive feelings we will attract positive things back to us.

We can choose happiness, no matter what life throws at us!!

I choose to be happy, do you?

Please feel free to ask any questions, leave any comments below on how you use the power of positive thinking to manifest positive outcomes in your life!

Stay tuned for the next article in this series!



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