Creating Mindfulness; Meditations & Affirmations – How to become more mindful

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When did you last take 10 minutes to just DO NOTHING? Simply doing nothing, no texting, no reading, no thinking about the past or future.

Our mind is our most valuable resource.

We rely on our mind for all things, but we don’t take much time to look after it. We often take time to take care of our car, or possessions and the people around us but not any time for ourselves.

The sad fact is that we are so distracted in life, that we are no longer present in the world in which we live and love.

We miss out on the important things to us and the crazy thing is that we have conditioned ourselves to believe that this is how life is supposed to be.

But truthfully, that’s not the way it has to be.

I was 25 when I first learned about mediations and affirmations. I was meeting with a life coach once a week. Her goal was to help me come up with strategies to take me from where I was in life, to where I wanted to be. She caught on quickly that I was very negative and down on myself a lot and that’s I also struggled with stress and self esteem issues.

She suggested to me that I take up mediation and focus on affirmations! My homework was to write out as many affirmations as I could think of on sticky notes and post them throughout my house. This was a piece of cake. I wrote about 20 and placed them everywhere I could think of. The mirror, dresser, tv, cabinets, the Dash of my car, the sun visor. Literally everywhere I thought I would be at any given time. I kept them in my eye sight! The goal was to stop and read them out loud every time I saw one. I’m so thankful I did! It literally changed the way I thought about myself and my life.

She also suggested guided meditations, you know the ones: you lay down with headphones, close your eyes and listen to someone talk in a soothing tone – sometimes with brain waves – and guide you through affirmations, stress relief and more. To be completely honest, I thought it was hokey and it took me a week or so of doing it every night to actually get used to it. But now, I prefer to send myself off to dreamland with them.

I truly feel that taking 10 mins a day (or night) to mediate and think upon good things will impact your way of life and thinking.

These are positive, practical, achievable, and scientifically proven techniques that allow our minds to become more healthy and more mindful and less distracted.

I encourage you all to do these exercises!

Here are some mediations I like:


Here are some affirmations I like:



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