The Law of Attraction- We Attract What We Give Out

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To harness “The Power” I spoke of in my last article, we must first learn what the law of attraction is…

The law of attraction is the “law of love”, it’s an all-powerful law that keeps everything in harmony. The Law of Attraction is love. It is also the law that operates in your life. In universal terms, we are essentially like magnets: we create our circumstances based on the thoughts, feelings, and actions that we are putting out into the world.  Whatever you give out  is what you receive back.


Whatever you give, by the law of attraction, is exactly what you attract back to yourself.

Isaac Newton, a mathematician and physicist, wrote: “to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

 Give out positivity, you receive back positivity;  give out negativity and you receive back a life filled with negative things.

In any given moment you are either giving out positive feelings or negative feelings. What you receive back in your life will be determined by those feelings. Life doesn’t just happen to you;  you receive everything that you’ve been given in your life by everything you have been putting out.


What you give – you receive.

Give help and support to a friend when he’s moving and surely that support will return to you with lightning speed. Give anger to a family member who let you down, and that anger will also return to you, wrapped up in the troubling circumstances of your life.

 (What you attract back will not always be presented to you in the same form or fashion or in a timely manner,  but rest assured that it will all come back to you,  whether it is good or bad)

 If you think and feel, “life is really good to me,” you will attract people, circumstances, and events that will make life really good for you.  And vice versa, if you think that you’re going to have a difficult and stressful day, you will attract all the people and circumstances that will make your day difficult and stressful.

 These truths may be a little bit hard for you to understand but once you delve deeper into this subject with me, learn more about it and practice it you’ll be wondering why you didn’t figure this all out sooner!!

Let me break it down a bit further.

People who have great lives think and talk about what they love more than what they don’t love! They talk about the great things that happen in their day, the great things they want to happen in their day, and they give out positive thoughts and feelings toward their day.

If you talk about what you love, you bring about what you love.


We have an unlimited ability to think and talk about what we want so that we can bring everything good into our lives.

When we do this we are using the greatest power in the universe which is love.

 Love unlocks the power of the law of attraction.

 “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love.” Sophocles –  Greek playwright

 Nothing is impossible for the force of love. No matter who you are, no matter what situation you may be facing, the force of love can set you free.

I bet you are mind blown  from all this crazy information! know I sure was when I learned about the law of attraction.

If you’re like me, you may be asking “what now?”

Well, the first thing that I did was take a personal inventory and identify if I was having more negative thoughts than positive. I quickly discovered  that I had so many negative thoughts in my head space that I needed to take control of.  I realize that if I wanted to change my life I would have to change these thoughts.

To do this, I would turn my negative thoughts into positive ones.


Once I started becoming aware of the thoughts and feelings I was putting out into the universe, I know I could change them instantly. I had to retrain my brain  to go from a negative state to a positive state!

My next article will be on how to turn the negative thoughts into positive thoughts,  so please  join me on this wonderful journey to positivity!

Please feel free to add your comments below, please let me know if you have any questions I would love to help each and every single one of you and I would also love to hear what you guys do to attract positivity into your life!

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