How To Get & Keep Vibrant Red Hair

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If your heart is set on having a majestic red  hair color that glistens in the sunlight then this post is for YOU!.

Are you looking to improve your red hair routine? I’ve found a system that helps me achieve exactly the red I want all by my little lonesome at home. #WhySalonDyeWhenYouCanDIY

I’m not a professional, but I’ve always been a little bold—anything I can do to skip the salon, sign me up!

Please keep in mind that your results may be a lot different than mine depending on the color you start out with! My routine does involve bleach. If you’re ready to grab life by the horns and tackle this yourself, let’s get right into it.



  • Two jars of Manic Panic in Vampire Red- depending on the length of your hair you may need a third 
  • Bleach and 30 Developer (if you want to use bleach) if not, use the Féria Line of Reds in Ruby Rush box dye 
  • bottle of conditioner of your choice (I use Renpure Argan Oil Luxurious Conditioner)
  • a glass jar with lid & something to mix with


[Prep your area if you need to, you may make a mess here. Slap some vaseline on your ears and hairline if you’re wanting to avoid coloring your skin. It happens!]

unnamed-10The first thing I do is bleach my hair where I want it be the most vibrant. I use Ion Sensitive 30 Developer and two packets of Ion Lightener found at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Follow the instructions provided by a Sally consultant. They can give you the best technique for your hair. I suggest having a friend help you with the bleach. 

If you choose to NOT use bleach,  Feria’s line of Power Reds is exactly that–powerful reds. They each contain a packet of a color booster, that acts as a stain or semi-permanent. This is why your hair looks shockingly bright after using a product from their Power Reds line until slowly begins to fade. 

Once you bleach, rinse out, blow dry then follow the instructions on the manic panic bottle. 

Or without bleach: dye your hair with the Fiera and follow the instructions on the box.



Next, while your boxed dye or Manic Panic is working its magic (or sometime later) grab your extra jar of Manic Panic and scoop it out into a bigger bowl. Squeeze the contents of your conditioner bottle into the bowl with the Manic Panic and mix, mix, mix! Put in glass jar with lid and keep in shower! 


The box dye is excellent to use as a base, and while their color booster is a great idea, it tends to fade way too fast! We are going to be re-charging our red a couple of times a week with the homemade red conditioner we just made. Genius!

**If using the bleach method only touch up your roots at your convenience then use the manic panic** 

[Side note: Manic Panic is a vegetable dye that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. It’s very gentle and perfect for use a couple times a week. It will not damage your hair!]


Here’s my before and after using the homemade red conditioner (the lighting makes it look magenta but it is red) 



Red hair is the color that tends to fade the most. Here are some things you can do to prevent that:

  1. Use the red conditioner at least once a week
  2. Wash and rinse your hair with cold water
  3. Change up your hair washing routine and try to only wash once or twice a week
  4. Use color-friendly hair products


Q. Do you think _______ boxed dye will work?

A. I only have experience using Feria’s Ruby Rush because their Power Reds line is the only boxed dye I’m aware of that has the color booster packet. I can’t guarantee it’ll work the same. Life is short, so experiment away!

Q. How often should I use the red conditioner?

A. As often as you’d like, really. I only need to use it once a week. It depends on how often you wash your hair.

Q. Where can I buy Manic Panic in stores?

A. Beauty supply stores, like Sally Beauty. You may want to try a Hot Topic store as well, they’re known to sell it too.

Q. Can I use different shades of red from Manic Panic?

A. Yes, although each red will give you a different result! Have some fun and play around with the shades, they’ve got Pillarbox Red, Wildfire, Rock N’ Roll Red and Red Passion. You can even play around with the pinks and see how it turns out!

Q. Can I use another semi-permanent or temporary instead of Manic Panic?

A. Absolutely! As long as it’s a temporary or semi-permanent dye. The temporary dye brands I know of are Manic Panic, RAW, Splat, Special Effects, and Arctic Fox.

Q. Will this colored conditioner method work to extend the life of other fashion colors, such as green or blue?

A. Yes! My hair has been blue and I’ve made a blue conditioner! 

 You can also make a toning conditioner by taking a little bit of purple Manic Panic and adding it to white conditioner!

Show me on Instagram if you’ve recently done your hair using this method! I’d love to see any color experiments, as well. You can find me at @thekristenanderson!

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